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OUR leadership

Photo of Rev Woo Lim

Reverend Woo Lim Ang

Lead Pastor & Blackburn English Pastor

Rev Woo Lim was one of the first members of ECCI. Born into a pastor’s family, he gained good insight into the life of a pastor as he saw his father sacrificially laboured for Christ. Since childhood, he has always had a keen interest in God’s work in the church.

God's initial calling for him came by way of a Word of Wisdom (Rhema) in 1984. He worked as a biomedical engineer in the Department of Paediatrics at Monash University, the Australian Army and the Australian Commonwealth Department of Health. He later worked in the financial sector principally in the areas of financial analysis and equities. While being engaged in secular employment, he pursued part-time theological studies at the Presbyterian Theological College, Box Hill North - thus, gaining his BTh and Dip Theol.

God’s calling on him became more pronounced in mid-2006 and he made himself available for formal ministry. ECCI appointed him as a non-stipendiary pastor in late 2006. He left his secular employment in early 2007. His interests are in pastoral care and preaching of God’s Word. Rev Ang is married to Cheer Ring and they are blessed with a daughter, a son and a daughter-in-law who are also keenly interested in God’s work.

Photo of Rev Woo York

Since his appointment in 1986, Rev Woo York has been a pastor of the English ministry of ECCI. Having stepped down as lead pastor in 2021, he is now focusing his ministry on living by the word of God through faith in action, in particular, ministering to those in need. His wife, Hai Leng, serves in the women’s ministry, and they are both keenly involved in missions and evangelism. They have two children, Wesley and Trudy.

Reverend Dr. Woo York Ang

Founding Pastor and Pastor Emeritus

Box hill campus

Pastor Kim Loh

English Pastor

Photo of Ps. Kim

Ps Kim serves as our pastor at the Box Hill campus, and his wife, Ping Ping, leads the administration function at ECCI. Both of them preach in both English and Mandarin.

Having served at ECCI in its earlier years, Ps Kim was appointed as our pastor in 2021. Prior to that, he and Ping Ping worked as tent-makers in China since 1991, where he also served as an elder and pastor at an international church.  

Ps Kim and Ping Ping have three children, and two grandchildren

Rev Andrew was appointed as our pastor in 2019. He is passionate about preaching the word of God and discipleship. He and his wife, Ivie, share two children, Daniel and Wesley, and have four grandchildren.

Photo of Rev Andrew

Reverend Andrew Lian

English Pastor

Rev Dorcas joined ECCI as a pastor in 2005, and was ordained as a Reverend in 2018. She oversees the Mandarin and Cantonese ministries, and is passionate about the spiritual growth and development of its leaders and members.


Rev Dorcas cares deeply for those she shepherds and enjoys leading people towards Christ through community activities. Having started the Youth Fellowship, she mentors the younger leaders, and encourages them to use their gifts in building the kingdom of God together.

Reverend Dorcas Seto

Mandarin Pastor

Photo of Rev. Dorcas

Ps Angus joined ECCI in March 2018 on an internship, and was involved in growing the Mandarin congregation. In the same year, he started the Cantonese service at the Box Hill campus. After graduating from Melbourne School of Theology with a Master of Divinity in 2019, he was formally appointed as our pastor.

His main passion is helping people understand the Bible through preaching and small group discussion, in the hope that they will grow in spirit and truth, attaining the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.

Pastor Angus Cheuk

Cantonese Pastor

Photo of Ps. Angus

Ps Cindy was appointed as our pastor in 2023 after graduating from Melbourne School of Theology with a Master of Divinity.
She enjoys preaching the word of God and leading people to Christ through her daily life. She and her Husband Siu Man have a son Daniel and a daughter Joycelyn.

Pastor Cindy Hung

Cantonese Pastor

Photo of Ps. Cindy


Photo of Ps. Doris

Pastor Doris Cheung

Mandarin Pastor

Ps Doris was appointed as our pastor in 2017, and has been instrumental in shepherding the Mandarin congregation at the Blackburn campus.


She is gifted in pastoral care, preaching, and small group discipleship, building people in their spiritual maturity. She also enjoys serving in our English class outreach and caring for others in their everyday lives.

Reverend Dr Frederick Ang

Blackburn English Pastor

Rev Frederick was appointed as our pastor in 2022, having returned from Myanmar as a church planter. Prior to that, he served as a pastor at ECC Geelong. 

He enjoys preaching and teaching the word of God, providing practical help and is passionate about missions and evangelism. He is married to Tabitha and they have a son, Isaac.

Photo of Rev. Frederick


Ps. Shirley was appointed as the Missions pastor in 2018, and leads a team that is committed to reconciling people back to God. She has a heart for the nations, and has ministered in Central and South America, Iraq and Asia.

Her son, David, and his wife have two children. 

Pastor Shirley Chan

Missions Pastor

Photo of Ps. Shirley
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