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OUR Story


Evangelical Chinese Church Melbourne began as a bilingual fellowship in Box Hill at St Andrews Unity Church under the spiritual oversight of the late Rev. Ang Hoe Peng, a retired Methodist pastor from Malaysia.


The fellowship was formally registered as Evangelical Chinese Church Melbourne (ECCM), and purchased a property on Elgar Rd, Box Hill to reach out to migrants and refugees.


ECCM started an English service. 


The English service moved into a second property on Holland Rd, Blackburn.



“Evangelical Community Church, Inc” was registered with the Victorian Corporate Affairs under the Victorian Association Act in September 2000.

The 11:15am service of the ECCM English Congregation in September 2001 became autonomous from ECCM and adopted the entity Evangelical Community Church, Inc (ECCI) with Dr (Mrs) Cheer Ring Ang as its first President.



The entire English Congregation of ECCM joined the autonomous ECCI in April 2004. The ECCI Mandarin ministry began in August 2004 as a Chinese fellowship using the Chinese Bible as the text to learn Chinese and English.

The Mandarin-speaking fellowship grew into a congregation in July.


ECCI purchased and moved into Court Street, Box Hill.


The Cantonese ministry began in October.


The Cantonese ministry grew into a congregation in February.


Today, we have two ECCI campuses for worship – the Blackburn campus conducts English and Mandarin services, while the Box Hill campus conducts English, Mandarin and Cantonese services.

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